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After investment of private equity an international printing and publications firm commissioned a customer review. The project was supported by the directors and investors.

Executive research with major and tiered clients revealed some alarming issues for the future that needed to be dealt with to prevent the company from folding.

The company had used the injection of finance to purchase major new equipment, however the research established that clients were rapidly changing their technology usage and requirements and that the new equipment would soon be redundant. In addition, clients were buying their own technology and competitor companies were offering better connectivity, superior technology solutions and a quicker but much cheaper turn-around.

The directors were astonished and a blame game ensued.

The investors were more than a little surprised that their considerable equity was going to be wasted, despite having carried out what they thought was adequate due diligence.

The company eventually became insolvent, despite a panic restructuring.

If the investors had used commercial-eyes.com to execute a proper review, 'pre-purchase', they would not have wasted their money and the company would have had to find a way forward that did not rely on soft external support, or fold.

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