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Conducting an annual customer review in all markets for this international material company has proved very successful. Combining face to face, telephone and web surveys techniques in English, French, Germa, Spanish and Chinese provided a complete healthcheck of the client's customer base whilst at the same time testing new product concepts and markets.

Year on year performance benchmarking along with detailed, actionable customer specific reports has enabled this global company to target its customer relationship activity to maximise current volumes whilst establishing a future product and service pathway.

Having a regular, in this case annual, survey process, conducted by independents, enhances trust and encourages customers to give honest and forthright responses that cement business relationships.

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  London +44 (0) 1279 718900
Cambridge +44 (0) 1223 572229

London Office:
Brook House
Cage End
Hatfield Broad Oak
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7HP

Cambridge Office:
Beverley House
Beverley Way

Customer Satisfaction Research
Appreciation Evaluation
Loyalty & Retention Research
Client Contentment Research
Attitudinal and Image Reviews
Disloyalty and Exit Investigations
Competitor Price and Service Investigations
Contract and Policy Pre-Renewal Interviews
Performance Benchmarking and Tracking
Employee and Management Surveys
Knowledge Management
Advertising and Promotional Research
Consultancy and advice
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Maintenance Programmes
Customer Care Training
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