Who we are

commercial-eyes acts on behalf of our clients professionally, business-like and sensitively to achieve the objectives of each project or continuous programme, using the following methodologies.

Senior Executive Interviews
Face to Face Interviews
Telephone Interviews
Structured and Freeform Styles
Clients, Customers, Members etc.
Executive Interviews
In-Depth structured Interviews
Executive meetings
Discussions and Events
Discrete Techniques
Desk research


Whilst these are recognised investigative methodologies, the skill of commercial-eyes is in recognising the information needs of our clients and devising the correct mixture of project components to gather the business knowledge, or intelligence, needed.

The importance of the correct mix of methodologies and research topics cannot be stressed enough.

Whilst our rates are competitive, and lump sum, most of our commissions are at very the least self-funding. We often identify current clients or customers requiring additional products or services, or past customers recruited onto the client base.

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  London +44 (0) 1279 718900
Cambridge +44 (0) 1223 572229

London Office:
Brook House
Cage End
Hatfield Broad Oak
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7HP

Cambridge Office:
Beverley House
Beverley Way

Customer Satisfaction Research
Appreciation Evaluation
Loyalty & Retention Research
Client Contentment Research
Attitudinal and Image Reviews
Disloyalty and Exit Investigations
Competitor Price and Service Investigations
Contract and Policy Pre-Renewal Interviews
Performance Benchmarking and Tracking
Employee and Management Surveys
Knowledge Management
Advertising and Promotional Research
Consultancy and advice
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Maintenance Programmes
Customer Care Training
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